Transferring to Hover? Let's get started.

You can transfer your domain in a few easy steps.

Registrars are not the same

This is what makes Hover different from other registrars:

We believe in your right to privacy

Protecting your contact information is a right, not an upsell. Most registrars charge upwards of $10 for this service and at Hover, it’s free.

We believe in great customer support

Whether you like to talk, chat, email or tweet, we’re here for you. See what our customers have to say about us.

We believe in transparency

At Hover, there are no hidden fees or aggressive upsells. Our pricing is simple. What you see is what you get.

We believe in a great user experience

We obsess over user experience. We have designed interfaces that are simple and easy to use (they are also beautiful!).

We believe that customers should be in control

We don’t sell hosting or website builders. You choose a service that meets your needs and we’ll connect your domain in seconds.

We believe in simplicity

We have made domain registration simple just so you have lots of time to work on your passion, idea or business.

Transferring to Hover in 3 easy steps

This is what makes Hover different from other registrars:


Check for eligibility

Type the domain you wish to transfer into the search bar to see if it’s eligible.


Prepare the domain

Go to your current registrar and do a few things:

  • Get your transfer authorization code (also know as auth code or EPP code)
  • Disable privacy (if enabled)
  • Unlock the domain
  • Double-check that the email address on file is yours


Initiate the transfer

Once your domain is ready you can add it to cart and check out.

A few more things to put your mind at ease:

No transfer fees

There are no transfer fees. You only pay for an additional year. All the time remaining on your domain will also be transferred. You don’t lose anything.

No downtime

If you are using a third party for your DNS hosting (such as your hosting provider’s name servers), you will experience no down time.

Ready to transfer to Hover?

Still have questions?

You can read our comprehensive knowledge base article.